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Unreal Tournament 99 remixes album

Whole tracks unofficial remixes album for legendary Unreal Tournament

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30.12.2020 album startpoint
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UT99 remix album

Dear friend!

If You are here, then You are just as me and millions of people around the world a big fan of Unreal Tournament. We are still crazy about its adrenaline gameplay and such a skillful blend of ancient, cosmic, industrial and futuristic maps. And undoubtedly there is nothing comparable to the legendary and deeply atmospheric UT soundtrack by the masters Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Dan Gardopee, Peter Hajba, Andrew Sega, Tero Kostermaa and others.

UT99 OST authorsUT99 OST authors

Unique hybrids of sublime orchestra and punchy electronic became a "trademark" of the whole Unreal series. Each of that magnificent track is a masterful stand-alone piece of art that went far beyond the games frontier and found their place in millions of fan's walkmans, ipods etc. That deep and lush sound with crafty interlacement of genres born an incredible atmosphere which has its own character and spirit. That music inspired us for the great battles, hours and hours of cooperative matches, motivated us not to give up and fight until the absolute victory! Actually, as for me, I've never turned the music down during the gameplay xD

If You still remember and still praise Unreal Tournament original soundtrack than we've probably met on Youtube or some other community since I'm also a big fan and that inspired me to my own experiments and evolution in games music industry.

Necto Ulin remixes
I'm Ilya also known as Necto Ulin. I'm a composer and sound engineer. Music is not my day-job but it always had and has its special part all my life. One of my beloved thing in production is making games soundtracks' remixes for old-skool games for PC\NES\Sega and so on. Working on legendary and favorite tracks I'm trying hard to keep the beauty of the original spirit while making it brighter, fresher and a bit more contemporary. How good I am is up to Your and my listener's opinions on my Youtube\SoundCloud channels :-)

5 years ago I started my "mission" to remake the whole UT99 soundtrack in honor of the creators and composers of my favorite game. Some ready remixes and dedicated footages You could check on my Youtube channel (much appreciate Your thumbs up and subscribing!).

In 2019 Unreal Tournament celebrates its anniversary, the legend meets it's 20 years! Far ahead of its' time it's still actual game, there are lot of servers with multiplayer battles, many single campaigns are played by fans as well as "fresh blood" :-). So this year is particularly important for my music development. I'm finishing my big project devoted to Unreal Tournament 99 which I'd love to share with my listeners, creators from Epic Games and everybody interested, my first and extensive remixes album with professional studio's treatment!

The album is absolutely free, but to make it happen I need to work hard as well as I need some help. To rent the studio, to use the expensive equipment, to involve musicians, to persuade talented audio and mastering engineers and producers I need Your intensive support!

I strongly believe with all my heart I have a lot of like-minded persons who share my dream of the great sounding UT99 remixes album, so I'm deeply and sincerely thank every one of You for any support whether it be donation or sharing this project with Your friends or somewhere in Web.

How the money will be spent
UT99 remixes album - quite a labour intensive project, including 28 (and maybe more) music tracks!
UT99 remixes album list
Music is composed in very different genres, from mild orchestra to piercing electronic, from easy house to heavy industrial. For correctly understanding such a different material I need some help by other composers, musicians and producers. So I need to compensate their time and efforts, as well as I have to compensate partially my own time, also my expenses for web and examples. Besides, I've included fees and currency exchange rates from available payment methods since it cut approx. 10% of income.

Time and money
The whole album studio arrangement and treatment will take about 6 months, however, I'm planning to start it during the crowdfunding project not to delay the album release after the starting day (30.11.2019). I hope the first funds will be reached soon and I could set the release date as close to project's deadline as it possible. Anyway, I'll provide the actual date on Updates page so stay tuned ;-).

Paypal and Bank Cards methods are enabled.
Please, don't forget to fill Your name\e-mail in payments form so I could add You to thank list and send some gifts for Your support :-)

Dear friends!
Reaching the first minimal goal would be already the huge success of our project and I appreciate much all Your feedback and support! Somewhere in the hidden corners of my heart I keep the hope we could reach even more!

Let's make this album perfect and share it with all around! This is really difficult and massive project, on the other hand, there is also a lot of us, active and motivated UT fans! :-D
So let's make it happen together! Let's pay tribute to the UT legacy in memory of those uncounted hours running with Xan on DM-Hyperblast, or assaulting that flagman ship or that damned heavily guarded beach on "Mission landing" and so on and so forth. The story of this legendary game goes on as long as there are rapturous people who get inspired by it to play, to dream, to create

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding platform

At first, I certainly tried Kickstarter and some other well-known crowdfunding sites, but I met some critical issues for my project there. Actually, my country not even included in available Kickstarter's list, so I should use some other companies to present my project there with their fees as well as platforms fees for the project itself. Together with risks of unscrupulous intermediaries and some tech issues on other platforms I've decided to try to avoid all that losses by starting my own web page. Becides, some of platforms use "All or nothing" method and it's also unsuitable option since this remixes album is a non-commercial project and it will be spread for free for everyone, so everyting collected by Your donation will be spent to compensate my own expenses and all involved people's payments (such as musicians, engineers, producers etc.).

So, please let me point that again, this project runs "Keep what raised" even if the first goal won't be reached. In ths case I'll provide the best album treatment I could afford with raised funds, so it's totally up to You how full and ambitious this great project will be! :-)

Hugely thanks to each one of You for Your support!

When the deadline and how much should I donate

Having own project page I'm not stricktly limited with deadline but however I've picked the very meaningful day as the starting day of the project - it's 30 november 2019. As You maybe know, it's not the random day but the 20th Anniversary of Unreal Tournament 99!

Well, well, 20 years... who would imagine, I remember Unreal release as it was just yestarday :-D

Anyway, the project has a bit more time than other crowdfunding entry but it's just for a first sight. The thing is there is a hell of a lot work to do actually, the album has 28 remixes and I'll start to work just as I start the project. So I'll work during the project donation's time, spending the funds in real time for current tracks so that wat I could release the final version of album not too far from the deadline! Taking into account the facts there are too many tracks and some of them are just a drafts for now and a big wish not to delay this project a lot since I have other projects as well, I would say we have a really little time here, guys! :-)

As for donations limits there is no such, I deeply and sencerely appreciate any of Your involvement, some of my gratitudes described in Goals list of "Campaign" page. Thank You for donations, thank You for telling Your friends about this project, thank You for any form of support, I appreciate much Your kind attention!

Please, don't forget to fill name\e-mail form of payment page to get some gifts for Your support :-)

How the money will be spent

It's a pretty big project with almost 30 tracks in different genres and styles, to remix it all properly I need help of different musicians, sound engineers and producers with thier different points of view. While making my remixes for YouTube channel, I found myself pretty weak with pure orchestral tracks, quite moderate with hybrids of orchestra and electronic sounds, so if I would like to achieve the proper quality of the final release (and I really would!) I have to take some help from other professionals. Thus, the raised funds will cover involved people's time and work, also I have to take a minimum compensation for my own time and expenses for making this site and some promo- videos\ads. I also have to mention some payment methods fees and currency exchange rates since it'll take up to 10% of donated funds.

Thank You for Your support! In case the Main goal is reached (Yahoo! \o/), I've made some Stretch goals with some extra materials and bonuses, including remixes on cool but unreleased UT tracks, my own brand new tracks for Unreal Universe with the same tournament spirit, the whole project multitracks and so on. The whole plan for stretch goals is on  "Campaign" page.

Reaching the Main goal would be a great happening and with Your help, I beleive, we could achive even more! :-)

You have already done UT remixes, so what's the point

For 5 years I've been remaking all that cool Unreal Tournament tracks by evenings and weekends to make it more contemporary and fresh. When shared my work with my subscribers, I met such a great support and motivation from the greatest Unreal fan's world community so I decided to make it really serious. And I believe that remixes release will entertain not only the UT-devoted audience, but also some new listeners who could find the sounding of the album quite fresh.

So I'm going to rearrange the whole weak instrumental parts, rendered samples will change to real musicians performances, mixing and mastering will be done on the porfessional studio with expensive equipment. At the end the album quality will met the solid commercial standard.

With such an ambitious goals the album will stay non-commercial and will be FREE for all, so Your involvement only will form the image of the final release.
Help me to do it great! \o/

Risks and challenges

The album is not for sale, it will free for everyone, so all funds will be used for it's treatment and production. Even if the minimal goal will not be reached, I'll make an album with the best treatment I'll be able to afford with the current funds. Anyway, I'm deeply and sincerely appreciate any support from each one of You!

So, the will be an album anyway! As much goals we'll reach, as cool and extended the album will be, how many musicians and sound masters will be involved and so on. And I can clearly tell You, the difference will be huge! Just imagine how badass will "Fire Breath" sounds not just with rendered and frozen audio samples but with real live heavy guitar's performance! B-)

The Studio Album is 67% ready now!

Dear listeners and supporters!

The Studio Album is more than two third ready!

I had some unexpected long pause because of my day job, it was also added to current problems with payment communications with freelance studios and musicians.
But I happy to inform You the ways out are found and the work is going further \o/

I've decided to post my rendered studio album-ready tracks one by one on my Patreon page, then I'll assemble it alltogether and share on Youtube.

Anyway, stay tuned, the major news will appear here as usual,
thank You for Your support and stay safe!

The Studio Album is on the way!

Dear listeners and supporters!

The current overall Studio Album progress is more than one third ready!

I'll do my best to make the most of it before the New Year, in the best of the best case it would be great time for release I think xD
Unfortunately the last month of the Year is a time for rapid and frequent activities so if I'll catch some free time in my studio I'll be able to rework the most of the album.
So I keep finger crossed B-)

Stay tuned, thank You for Your support and please stay safe!

The Studio Album is about 30% ready!

Dear listeners and supporters!

The current overall progress is a bit less than 30% and work is in intense phase!

Thank You so much for keeping supporting me and my project, with Your help at least all guitar tracks will be reworked with a real guitar parts \o/

I'll keep You tuned and please stay safe!

Terminal velocity for the Studio Album!

Dear listeners and supporters!

The last track of the UT99 remix list is now released and Studio Album went to maximum speed!
Since now I'll be share the actual progress (in %) here, on YouTube and Patreon Community.

So stay tuned and thank You for Your support!

The project lives! The project is in progress!

Dear supporters!

Thank You so much for continuing support the project!
Let me share the latest news: I've already done both the last UT remix from the "classic" list and bonus UT track, so they both will be released on YouTube soon.

Once it happens, the Studio Album project goes to the maximum speed mode although it already in progress: all multitracks and live intruments sessions are ready, so it will be up to pure studio works to finish the project which is great considering other's people's isolation's issue \o/

Starting the project!

Dear listeners and supporters!

The project has started today!
It will proceed in parallel with the last UT remixes on YouTube channel and the progress will be posted here and on my Patreon page!

Funding deadline is extended, actually, You may support the project during the whole album manufacturing since all rised funds will be apllied to mix and master album songs and it will happen gradually.

At the last days of the year, I wish all of You the best holidays and celebration of the New Year, stay safe and optimistic and I would like to sincerely thank my supporters on YouTube, UTstarter and Patreon for helping me with the project!
Thank You, guys, and see You in the Next Year!

Funding deadline has extended till 01 dec 2020!

Dear listeners!

I've extended the deadline for whole summer\autumn days!
Again and again I appreciate much Your support the Studio Album! ;-)


The process of the Studio Album' works is about to start increasing!

Dear sponsors and listeners!

There are only two more track left in my UT remixes list, so right after the last Patreon and YouTube release I'll start to sum all my Studio Album works and recorded materials for mixing\mastering.
The second part of raised funds will be spent so thank You for continuing support the project here or on my Patreon page.

The next update will be soon so stay tuned B-)

The work is in progress although difficult period!

Dear listeners and supporters!

I hope You and Your relatives are fine and safe! These days brought some tough things and I really hope to hear that it begins to get better very soon.
As for me and the project, luckily, I've done almost everything I've planned for off-line purposes (with current level of raised funds) and now there are just on-line arrangements which is fine to process with all involved persons by Skype and Discord.

So show is go on and thank You again for Your support and involvement!

Keep well and be safe!

Funding deadline has extended till 30 jun 2020!

Dear listeners!

I've extended the deadline again till the summer time.
Now You have even more time to support the Studio Album! ;-)


Work in progress...

Hey, guys! The work in progress. Firstly, I've spent some funds to record the real guitars for heavy tracks, and it's already done.
Now I'm optimizing the process to make both inexpensive and nice audio mixing for couple of oldest tracks and after I'll start the whole mastering step.

I appreciate much Your kind support for the project. Stay tuned ;-)

Project has started! Funding deadline has extended till 29 feb 2020!

Dear sponsors and listeners! The project has started!

Thanks to You I've got a bit above 1k$ so far, and I've started to plan remaster list for the oldest and least album-ready tracks.
During my work You are more than welcome to continue support the project so I'll able to remaster as much tracks as I could afford till the extended point at the end of Feb 2020.

Thank You all again for Your involvement \o/

1000$ is reached! Thank You so much, guys!

Dear sponsors! Thank You so much for supporting the project. It seems, we will have at least studio finalized (mastered) tacks for the whole album soon \o/

Check for the update for further info!
Thanks again!

Patreons funds have added to Main Goal account!

Thank You, guys, for Your kind support!

Let's go!

Here we go! Let's start dat sh.. %-D

2 years ago

Been a fan of your remixes for a while, and I would love to see (and hear) this project come to fruition! I hope the current global pandemic hasn't put this project on hold, and that you are staying safe! (P.S. We really need you to stay safe so you can crank out these awesome tracks!) P.P.S. I 100% second Stew's comment above about the Ending/Trophy-Room track - it's one of my faves (and I love Fabian Joost's quick remake) and it would be awesome to see that track redone!

2 years ago

whats the file format and quality gonna be for download? a 24bit 192khz option would be truly awesome. i really love your work, and im glad the unreal tournament remakes get a compilation.

Necto Ulin

Hey, Björn, thank You much for Your attention and question!

The highest format will be 24bit/96kHz since I'm working on Studio Album in that resolution. So, sure I could convert the final master to 24/192, but I'm afraid there will be not much  sence to up already rendered lower resolution.
Besides, 24/96 is the common resolution for all involved musicians and engineers to unify the whole work material.

Nevertheless, I'm sure You'll find 24/96 pretty good output for the album B-)

3 years ago

Amazing remixes ! Good work!!!

Necto Ulin

Thank You so much for Your support! \o/ \o/

Stew Pidasso
3 years ago

Yo! Have you thought about making your remix of this jewel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7Apqps4fl0 Making it longer as well would be amazing, it's one of the best tunes as well! See ya, love your stuff

Necto Ulin

Hey, Stew! Thanks for Your interest! Sure, Ending theme will be included in Studio Album list (You could check it in UT remixes list on the main page). Thanks for the support!

3 years ago

What's with the dodgy kickstarter-looking personal site?!

Necto Ulin

Heh, no-no, not dodgy at all :) The design is quite similar (just as kickstarter looks like indiegogo) since it's quite similar the goal of the site - crowdfunding compaign. So yes, nice looking and quite effective elements was taken ;)
But thanks for pointing it could confuse the visitor, I'll think about changing colors and maybe some specific parts. Thanx!

3 years ago

жду этот шедевр

Necto Ulin

Спасибо! Надеюсь, всё получится :)

Necto Ulin
3 years ago

Test message

Necto Ulin


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